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Minimize You might be a redneck if.....replacement for Butcher's String

If your son uses all of your butcher's string and you replace it with bailing wire.....you might be a redneck.

So I guess it isn't that bad, but darn close. The string was nowhere to be found (I know good and well where it went). So, I have a whole spool of aluminum wire left over from my armour making days (that's another story). I sure felt like a redneck when I started, but I can tell you now, this is the only way I'm doing it going forward. Easier to work with than string and way easier to get good and tight.

Was lazy tonight and did this guy at 325 in the drum with some peach wood. Has onions, peppers, string cheese, and some seasoned butter. Cooked an hour on 1 side. Flipped and cooked another hour on the other side. Should have sauteed the veggies first, but still good.

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