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"My name is Josh Greer, and I have a smoking problem."  No, not that kind of smoking problem.  I'm taking about that sweet blue smoke that can only come from Oak, Apple, Cherry, or any other kind of aromatic hardwood.  The kind of smoke that gently kisses the surface of a fine brisket, boston butt, ribs, or anything else I can fit in the smoker.  I smoke everything from meat to cheese.  Heck, I've even threatened to smoke chewing gum, just to get my fix when I'm not smoking.  I am addicted to this stuff....welcome to my world!

So that was the "Fire".  I guess I got ahead of my self a bit.  I probably ought to explain the "Geek" side of me as well.  My geek switch got flipped the day my dad brought home a Texas Instruments TI-99 about 25 years ago.  By today's standards, this 3MHz bucket of solder wouldn't even be suitable for a calculator, but back then it served its purpose, very well.  I would spend hours on end writing useless little programs (a stupid pacman type alligator game comes to mind, but I can't remember the details).  When it was time to quit, you turned the thing off and everything you had done was gone.  That was before inexpensive storage options, so you just dealt with it.  Of course later came the benefit of hooking up your audio tape recorder to the TI to backup your work.  Basically it would record the squeaks and squalls of an audio modulated signal, only to be later played back to bring it back up on the computer. (Don't understand what I'm talking about?  Pick up the phone when you are on a dialup internet....same noises).

Growing up, I was always taking stuff apart just to see how it worked.  Momma said I'd better get a degree in something so I could figure out how to put things back together ;-) .  I got a degree in machine design at the local University and landed a job at a bullet manufacturer.  This is where I got my first taste in machine automation.  Messing around with computer controls and PLC's to operate machines, man I was hooked.  I taught myself how to program Visual Basic applications here, which led me to a slight carreer detour: Information Technology (professional geeks!).  I've been working on computers professionally ever since.

I guess it was only a matter of time before the two passions would collide.  Computer gizmos and gadgets combined with great barbeque; it doesn't get any better!  Now, I spend a lot of time on some of the best barbeque forums on the web and argue for hours with some great ol' barbeque gurus.  The purists have a big problem with what I'm trying to do with good ol' fashion barbeque.  They say that all of the electronics takes away from the art of the process.  I agree, great barbeque IS an art, but not even the best computers in the world will ever take that away.  I take great pride in the fact that my food is still cooked the old fashion way: Low and slow with a dry heat and wood smoke.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.  If you haven't done so already, stop by the "Contact Us" section and drop me a message.  Thanks for coming to Geek With Fire.  Have a smokin' good time!

Josh Greer

AKA: Geek with Fire

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