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The Damper/Blower unit

As mentioned in the software section, I have build a portable device that I mount on the air intake damper of my smoker (a Char-Griller pro).  This device receives a signal from the BBQ Command Center  which tells the servo actuated damper and speed controlled blower fan how much percentage to operate in order to maintain the desired temperature.

Items in the box:

  • Servo Controller (for damper servo)
  • RC Servo, with connecting arm to actuate the stock swivel damper
  • Servo Controller (for blower fan)
  • RC Electronic Speed Control
  • Blower Fan (from a dead Dell computer)
  • Digital I/O Card

The unit in action:

I'll post in more detail later, but for now, here's a video of the blower running at full power.  Obviously, unless you are trying for melt aluminum, full power is a bit over kill.




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