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OK, OK, corny name; sorry about that. I have a relative that likes ABT's but can't handle the heat. So I've been experimenting with things that encompass all of the goodness of ABT's without the heat. Personally, chilies without heat seem bitter to me. So I thought I'd try a different veggie.

I took Idaho tatters and cored out the center. Filled with cream cheese. Rolled in olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and wrapped with 2 pieces of bacon. I tried a few other cheeses, but all but the cream cheese ran out. Will try again later, capping both ends.

Smoked with cherry wood at 275 for 3 1/2 hours. Good stuff.

As far as cutting out the core, I picked up a piece of 3/4" copper pipe and 3/4" oak dowel from the local hardware store. I cut the pipe to about 6" and the dowel to just slightly longer. Then I took a file and sharpened one of the ends on the pipe; on the inside edge.

To core the potato, place the sharp end of the pipe on the tater.

Place the plastic soda lid on the other side of the pipe. Then wack it with the back of your hand until the pipe goes all of the way through the tater. Use the dowel rod to extract the core from the pipe (which I saved tonight, sliced, and made some home fries).

I knocked out a 10 pound bag tonight in about 20 minutes (included the bacon wrap).

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Inspired by Nina