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A Fatty, as is defined on the Smoking Meat Forum (and other various smoking web sites) is nothing more than a chub of breakfast sausage laid out on the smoker until meat safe temperature is reached.  Obsorbing that wonderful smoke flavor the whole time.  Fatties work well when you are doing one of those long Brisket or Boston Butt smokes, and you need that instant gratification.  About 2 hours later, you have something smokey to snack on.

I have taken the standard fatty and added the stuffing for a pizza style.  Enjoy!

Mash out a chub of JD (or otherwise) sausage in a 1 gallon zip top bag.  Cut the sides of the bag and peel on side back.  Add some mozz cheese, pepperoni's, and some peeled and seeded tomatoes

Here I added sautee'd onions, peppers, mushrooms. Then I added a few pinnaples chunks:

Use the bag to roll the sausage up.  Add a nice rib rub if you desire, the place on the smoker.  Smoke at about 225 degrees until the meat reaches the internal temperature of the label on your sausage.

The final result:

And with the gooey goodness in the middle:

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Inspired by Nina